Self improvement and Personal Growth

It is vital we spend time on working towards our goals and continually striving to be better. This is driven by our personal growth and our goals for self improvement.
Firstly, we must acknowledge that there is room for everyone to succeed and remove our generations need for constant comparison. Those posts you keep seeing and wishing they were you on Instagram, are not reality.

This is done by most importantly realising we should be in competition with ourselves rather than others. No one else matters but you.

Next, we should practice gratitude. Focus on everything you have in your life already. Really take a minute here to put some thought in to this. What are you grateful for? Here is some examples I personally like to use:

  • Being alive and the ability to breathe fresh air.
  • My friends and family.
  • My puppy Kleo and my cat Kalie.
  • Food in the fridge/access to clean water.
  • My health and everyone’s around me.
  • A roof over my head.
  • A car to take me where I need to go.
  • The ability to work and earn money.
  • The positive influences and love I have around me to guide me throughout my journey.

The above are personal to me however feel free to adjust them to your own personal use. After we have practiced gratitude, we can now focus on the future.

My 19 step Self improvement plan : )

There are many ways we can channel our focus into personal growth. This is a process of both understanding yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest potential.

We must consider our work ethic. Do you feel that you no longer have that drive anymore? That means it’s now time to reconsider your life and your goals.

Are you passionate about what your doing? Does this mean something to you? Is your focus on something that you feel is dedicated to your self improvement?

We often determine success by the things we own. I don’t see it that way. For me, success is being happy and content with the path your on.

You must ask yourself who are you becoming and what is your plan to get there? It can involve working on new habits/hobbies, learning new skills and applying new strategies to achieve your goals.

Here are some suggestions that I’m currently working on to reach my highest potential:

  1. Eat healthy and exercise (but remember balance is important).
  2. Read more books
  3. Listen to podcasts.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Start a hobby. Look up activities in your local area.
  6. Book a new course to gain new knowledge and skills.
  7. Wake up earlier.
  8. Overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone.
  9. Imagine your higher self, write a letter to them.
  10. Ask for feedback.
  11. Write to-do lists and invest in a goal planner.
  12. Understand your are not perfect.
  13. Avoid negative self talk.
  14. Reduce time spent on social media.
  15. Get in touch with nature.
  16. Mediate and practice manifestation.
  17. Start a business venture.
  18. Show kindness, even to those who don’t deserve it.
  19. Practice self care (we will cover this in more depth in a future blog post).


“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.”

Summary and your next steps

I recommend getting a diary or notebook and set yourself these above tasks. You could even turn this in to a 30-day challenge for yourself . The best time to get started is now!